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Rockbond Flooring Systems, RBFS

Rockbond Flooring Systems, RBFS

Rockbond cementitious compounds are designed for non flow and fluid, thick and thin, section repairs. Products provide protective coverings to existing concrete floors, paths and roads. Rockbond flooring systems are shrinkage compensated, quick drying, and gain quick strengths, with high mechanical strengths which are resistant to point loads, impact, abrasion, wear and tear.

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Product Uses
Rockbond Floor Levelling Compound (RB FLC)

To produce smooth and flat surfaces to concrete floors and cementitious surfaces. To level sloping floors to give a flat, level and horizontal surface. To repair, resurface and smooth damaged concrete floors, steps and pathways. A quick drying underlayment to solvent based resin toppings and coatings.

Rockbond Flooring SystemsRockbond Industrial Floor Screed (RB IFS)

To cover concrete floors in workshops, warehouses and factories with a thin section floor topping. To repair concrete floors, pathways, loading bays, car parks and roads. To protect concrete in chemically aggressive environments such as chemical works and stores, food processing factories, breweries, dairies and farms.

Rockbond Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Screed (RB HDIFS)

In areas where there is heavy and frequent vehicular traffic. In heavy engineering workshops, railway workshops, docks and shipyards. In heavy and massive machine assembly plants and factories. On roads and areas where the traffic is steel wheeled or on caterpillars. To repair and protect concrete against heavy equipment, loading buckets, shovels and grabs.

Rockbond Floor Screed (RB FS)

Concrete repairs to concrete standing areas, floors, ramps, paths and roadways. To cover concrete in car parks, forecourts, garages and petrol stations. In loading bays, warehouses and factories.

Rockbond Floor Screed Steel Reinforced (RB FSSR) To cover concrete and cementitious floors, ramps, paths and roadways which are exposed to a high degree of mechanical attack, wear and tear. In heavy engineering and railway workshops, shipyards and assembly plants. To repair and protect concrete against heavy equipment, loading buckets, shovels and grabs.
Rockbond Top Floor Topping (RB TFT) To top concrete in areas where there is frequent and heavy vehicular traffic. To produce non slip, non skid surfaces to steps, ramps, paths and roadways. In loading bays where fork lift traffic and heavy vehicles collect and manoeuvre. To produce a high strength, abrasion and impact resistant mortar.

Rockbond Floor Levelling Compound (RB FLC)

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Rockbond Floor Screed (RB FS)

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RockbondTop Floor Topping (RBT FT)

Rockbond Top Floor Topping (RBT FT) powder is a unique blend of fine and ultrafine cement powders, a graded hard wearing aggregate and a union of admixtures.  The powder is sprinkled onto freshly placed concrete, and compacted to produce a grey, hard and tough, long lasting floor topping.

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